Our world is entangled with technology, while our drop in this ocean falls with a clear purpose. We help create products which offer meaning to automation stacks, mixing software and hardware into purposeful technology.

“Stay humble, complex systems require your sustained and applicable attention.”


Devtel Software’s initial focus and purpose, services & consultancy, take the majority of our time and effort and are our main business vertical. As a company, we dedicate our full expertise in providing our customers with a product development experience which helps them fulfill their vision.

More than half of our personnel has an average experience of +15 years. Since 2010 we have created, maintained and delivered over 20 products. Our development process has its unique traits and perks, our estimation process has an average accuracy of 80%, while our overall success rate is 100%.


The last 5 years have been an exercise in balancing and increasing our understanding of the market needs, while, from a dreamer’s perspective, always remembering our initial product vision.

We have fine-tuned 2 product lines, both created on a solid platform oriented development approach. GLAS.AI® is our toolkit for reasoning automation, a concept we’re thrilled to explore, while VIBRAT.IO stands for our array of sensor data processing algorithms aimed at industrial equipment condition monitoring and production runtime quality assurance.


At its core, Devtel Software is a team of specialized consultants and technology experts in data science, industrial automation, and HMIs. We take on niche projects which are aimed to solve core technological needs while we provide software, hardware and, on many occasions, field-expert-level services.

Devtel Software’s value system is centered around creativity and our team’s need to succeed in resolving complex and heavy challenges. Those which motivate us are the shape and sound of solid working products.



One of the co-founders of Devtel Software, Lucian Horga has both a technical background as a computer programmer and a management background. He worked as a software developer for more than 17 years while also co-managing the company for the past 11 years.

Lucian is now focusing on organizing and coordinating both technical and non-technical activities within the company as well as prospecting for new customers and opportunities. Creating processes and workflows within the company is his main interest at the moment.



With nearly two decades of software development experience and over a decade in executive leadership, Aurel co-founded Devtel Software with the purpose of creating a technical challenges-friendly work environment.

Aurel’s track record includes working and interfacing with the largest players in the industrial automation, mobile and automotive fields, while personally taking the responsibility of Devtel’s projects being practically designed, thoroughly implemented, deployed, further enhanced and maintained.